Book | Mini Mindful Moments: Kindness Board Book

$8.50 USD

Plant seeds of kindness everywhere you go! This beautiful book will help you teach the concept of kindness to your little one. It’s filled with ways to help them learn about their feelings, and how to be kind in their daily life. It also aims to engage with their developing fine motor skills and heart and mind. Listening and talking with your child sends a wonderful message of caring and love. And the simple practice of bringing a gentle, accepting attitude to the present moment can help minimize anxiety and increase happiness. This mindfulness book teaches toddlers and parents alike how to stay present and focus on feelings of self-compassion, kindness, and caring. Grounding strategies such as finger-tracing and breathwork help show little ones how to wind down at the end of a big day. Add this story to your nighttime story rotation to practice emotional regulation with your toddler, reducing anxiety and increasing happiness before bed!

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