Original Martini Social Club

Original Martini Social Club

Many Martini Social Clubs are popping up, but there can only be one authentic original that started them all. Pay homage to the original birthplace of the Martini cocktail with these exclusive products designed and made by us at Blue Bare Made.  

This artwork and design is copyrighted 2024 by blue bare made. All rights reserved. 

You can find this print on a variety of other Blue Bare Made products below. 

Want to know more about the history of the Martini? The Martinez Historical Society (and Jeopardy, too...so you know it's legit?!) reports that way back in 1847, a local bartender poured a drink called the "Martinez Special" for a local miner passing through. This drink quickly morphed into being known as the Martini and gained widespread popularity. 

A couple more things...
-Just like Martinez is the original birthplace of the Martini, this is our original artwork that's both trademarked and copywritten. Copying or reproducing without our express permission is not permitted...and if you see that someone else has done us dirty (<--- see what we did there?), please let us know. All rights are reserved. 

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