Store Policy

Customer Care

Hey, we appreciate you! It's true. We personally shop small as often as possible and strive to treat our own customers as well as we are treated. You can rest assured your order will be given attention to detail and you can buy with confidence. 

Privacy & Safety

We are guessing you're not a fan of being SPAMMED. We're not either. When you shop with us, we don't share your info and only use reputable and vetted third-party banking organizations to verify payments. After each purchase, you will receive a confirmation your order was successful. 

Fundraising or Large Quantity Inquiries

We partner with local organizations to offer a fundraising opportunity. These may include, schools, sports teams, or other worthy causes.

Are you interested in ordering in bulk? Perhaps you're looking to thank your staff for a job well done, or you're hosting a large event and need some great swag. 

For more information about fundraising or submitting a large quantity order, reach out via email at

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards 
- Square
- Offline Payments
- Venmo